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The name ‘Smith’ is no stranger to anyone. Famous entertainers Will Smith and his family, Grammy award winner, singer and songwriter, Sam Smith and the explorer famously known in the stories of Pocahontas, John Smith is one of a few common household names familiar to everyone. This inspired the name The Smith House; providing guests with a sense of familiarity and comfort with every visit and to one day be a name that will be well recognised across the country.

Entertainment In Abundance: Pulau Langkawi Hotel

The Absolut offers tantalizing local and international delicacies that are inspired from gastronomical minds alike. Allow our chefs to ignite and surprise your tastebuds with signature dishes that are loved by locals and internationals for their delicate flavors. Whether it’s starting your day with a wholesome breakfast selection or ending your day with a hearty meal; every dish is to be savored at The Absolut.

A stay at The Smith House is never complete without a visit to The Absolum. Here we create a different atmosphere for guests that guarantees relaxation with access to the library.

You will find a sophisticated and atmospheric spot here be it for a place to meet your friends or finding solace in your own company with a cup of coffee in the morning and a fine nightcap to end the day.

Boutique Hotel Langkawi: All About Setting The Tone

Be immersed in a world of literature as a vast collection of page turners pull you into remarkably realized stories and true events. Not a bookworm? Our rooftop swimming pool oversees scenic Langkawi that provides the right vibes and picture perfect moments to a memorable stay.

Whether it’s choosing to enjoy the idyllic beaches that make up Langkawi or pampering yourself at The Smith House; every moment is but a traveler’s dream.