Top 5 Foodie Destinations in Langkawi

When you think of Langkawi, its historical landmarks, beautiful landscapes, and various duty-free items automatically come to mind. But that’s not all, there’s amazing foods too! Indeed, many people overlook the fact that this island is an amazing foodie destination, and we’re here to set things straight. Food in Langkawi is extremely diverse, ranging from famous hawker and street food to classy fine dining cafes or restaurants. Now, you are probably wondering what are the delicious foods that you can eat in Langkawi. You’ll find the answer in this simple guide of places to eat in Langkawi. Let’s dive in!

Che Nah Restaurant

Langkawi is anything but conventional, and one of Langkawi’s most famous restaurant’s special take on the roti canai is absolute proof. Situated near Kampung Temoyong is Che Nah Restaurant, a place that serves one of the most famous hawker food at Langkawi, the Roti Canai Black Pepper. Here’s what it’s made of (and we will spare no details):

Wrapped in the egg-coated roti canai is chunks of either beef, chicken or lamb. The roti canai will then be drenched in black pepper sauce (think Roti Banjir, but with black pepper sauce, instead), and topped with delicious mayonnaise. Prepare yourself for an explosion of deliciousness as you cut it open. They also sell other types of roti canai as well.

Address: Jalan Kedawang, Kampung Lubok Buaya, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Business Hours: 7pm – 3pm every day

*Note: Don’t mistake it for the shop in the nearby mosque.

Laksa Ikan Sekoq Langkawi

Wondering about what to eat in Langkawi? Try out the delicious Laksa Ikan Sekoq for those who don’t know, ‘Ikan Sekoq’ means an entire fish. That’s right, this delicious food truck serves their laksa together with an entire fish. Talk about value! Located by the beach, this food truck sells Kedah’s iteration of the laksa, which is spicy and tangy. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy this savoury street food with the cooling sea breeze. If you love both fish and laksa, start making your way there now!
Address: Jalan Kuala Muda, 07100 Langkawi, Kedah
Business Hours: 12pm – 7pm every day

Pia’s The Padi

Where can you find delicious food to eat in Langkawi? The answer: in the heart of the paddy fields. Pia’s The Padi is a family-ran restaurant that’s known for their delicious Malaysian cuisine, with their beef rendang being the most famous one. Dining here means having your breath taken away by the gorgeous view of Gunung Raya and the paddy fields surrounding the restaurant. This place might be a little difficult to locate if you’re not from around, but we promise it will be worth your time. The must-try foods are their beef rendang, mango kulfi, seafood masala, deep-fried spring rolls and Thai beef salad, among many others.

Address: Jalan Ulu Melaka, Kampung Padant Gaong
Business Hours: 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 9pm every day

Fun fact: They also offer cooking classes! If you would like to learn how to cook their amazing dishes from Pia herself, you know what to do!

Seashells Cenang

The next on the list of places to eat in Langkawi is Seashells Cenang. This place has a Malay Kampung ambiance like no other. Those who have visited this place before will tell tales of how beautiful it is, dining right in the middle of a paddy field. Its Malay Kampung ambiance comes from its paddy field surrounding, the usage of isolated huts as the dining area, and traditional Kampung decorations and music. Over here, you’ll find a fusion of Malay and Western Cuisines, such as the Rendang Lamb Shank.

Address: The Seashells @ Laman Padi
Business Hours: 2pm – 12am (Closed on Wednesday)

The Absolut

For a more premium dining experience in Langkawi, look no further than The Absolut. Awaiting you is a tantalising array of local and international cuisines prepared by talented chefs. From a la carte dishes to buffet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Absolut has it all. It’s also known for having the best gourmet food and wine, all under one roof.

Some of its more famous a la carte dishes are The Smith House Nasi Goreng Istimewa and the Chef Special Clay Pot Fish Curry. There are also salads, starters, soups, other main courses and desserts.

Address: The Smith House, Langkawi
Business Hours: 7am – 11pm every day

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