Atma Alam Batik Art Village is a popular place to find out about batik and also take home a few special pieces.

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Situated in the centre of Padang Matsirat and in close proximity with the Langkawi International Airport, Alam Batik Art Village is an attraction that highlights a plethora of painstakingly handmade batik art that include paintings, block printed batik, handicraft products and dress materials.   Rich in history, this extended L-shaped single story building has traditional Malaysian designs all throughout its architecture with tilted triangular roofs. Alam Batik Art Village was founded by Aza Osman, an avid oil painter and his wife Roshadah Yusof, a renown designer and Batik artist. The couple settled down in Langkawi in 1987 before starting up the Batik Art Village. Recognised For Impeccable Art With a highly successful portfolio of designs, Atma Alam Batik Art Village is also endorsed by the Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage of Malaysia. While there are multiple areas in the complex to visit, any form of photography isn’t allowed. This is apparently done to ensure that their authentic art designs aren’t copied and replicated elsewhere. Batik Workshop Located on the right section of the building is the Batik Workshop, a place where a majority of the batik cloths and artwork are showcased in the exhibit. It is right here where artists will display their batik paintings to visitors, explaining the many aspects that went on in the creation process. There are also educational sessions in which you can try batik design for yourself. Held in groups, visitors will have to sit through a workshop before moving on to the remaining sessions.   Batik Showroom Want to purchase exclusive and original Batik paintings, Batik handicrafts and dresses at affordable prices? This is the place to visit as you’ll find a wide selection of cloth pieces and garments with seasonal Batik art that were made by local artists under the guidance of Roshadah. Choose from collections that encompass a diverse selection of garments from casual wear to elegant clothing made for both men and women.   Art Gallery In here you’ll find sections that highlight the work of Aza Osman and his wife, Roshadah. His oil paintings were mostly inspired by the spiritual components of life while Sada mostly guides local artists, accepting commissions for paintings, handicrafts and dresses. For those wanting to dabble in batik painting; she also provides group courses for aspiring artists.   See A Myriad Of Batik Creations, Just A Short Distance Away Interested in checking out these beautiful works of art? You’ll be pleased to know that Atma Alam Batik Art Village is just 400 metres away from The Smith House. With it being only 5 minutes away, this attraction is highly recommended by tourists.