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285 sq ft  |  1 king bed  |  with window
Comfort living meets sheer sophistication
Whether it’s exploring the charming beaches of Langkawi, unravelling the hidden pathways of the city or choosing to unwind in your hotel room; you are in for a truly memorable time.

A Junior Suite Unlike Any Other In Langkawi
Feel additional luxury with the Junior Smith Suite as you revel in a room with an additional living area and a sofa to enjoy the wide array of entertainment. From the IPTV with free movies, TV shows and a complimentary minibar to keep your appetite in check before heading to bed in the king sized ‘Sassy Bed’. Now that’s an experience fit for a king.

Leave Feeling Contented At An Excursion Well Worth Having
Recharge and rejuvenate your senses with comfort offerings that resonate at our hotel studio suites. At The Smith House, your journey towards tranquility is all but assured. Make it happen and plan that getaway now.